Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Still 'out with injury' but on the mend thanks to Shockwave Therapy

I mentioned in my last post that I had over-extended by Sacoriliac joint and that the muscles in the are (read - buttocks) had gone into open rebellion.  I had tried a few different treatments with only short term relief, that is until I retreated to my Chiropractor for Shockwave Therapy.  I should obviously have done this sooner, as it is making a big difference!  I got back in the pool yesterday, swimming 42 laps of the 25m pool at Virginactive gym - thoroughly enjoying it and feeling fit.  I had a hit of tennis with my 11 year old in the afternoon and have pulled up fine.  I have another treatment tomorrow, but I plan on getting back to my PT next week.

Where is your SI Joint?  Well it's here (see left)  That drawing is not of me - I am a brunette.

So what is Shockwave Therapy?  Well you can read about it  here.  But from a patients perspective it is a non-invasive non painful treatment that gives lasting relief.  I am very lucky that my Chiro with whom I have a long relationship has it, as it is not to be found in that many practices.  George used to be the Chiro for the Aussie swim team, so his knowledge of treating sports injury is very sound.  I have actually heard that it is more commonly found in the practices of Physios.  It certainly is doing the trick with my Acute Muscle Spasm, hand in hand with my Chiro working on the joints in the vicinity.

This Youtube video will give you an idea of what's involved - here

While weight lifting and intensive cardio has been out of the question I have been trying to keep the focus on my eating habits and have been watching my weight come back down from its post Summer holiday high.  I've lost over 2 kgs and only have a a little over a kg to lose to get back to my happy weight - Body Fat % is a bit of another matter :-/


  1. Hi Simone, that's interesting, I hadn't heard of that therapy before. I've been optimistically hoping that my Xmas kilos would simply melt away... it's beginning to dawn on me that they won't. Back to the drawing board/meal planning!

  2. No secret for the Vision initiated. Less carbs more protein avoid sugar and alcohol :-( I've added cheat days to their proram though :-0