Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day One of my new lifestyle

On this day my three children got dressed in their School Uniforms and went to school.  Why is this signficant I hear you ask.  Well, my eldest son (DS1) has recently turned 10, my second son (DS2) started Year 3 and my 4 year old daughter (DD1) started school for the first time!  Ergo ... Now is MY time.  This is the year that I intend to make myself a priority - not to the detriment of my husband (DH) and children, but definitely in such a way that my quality of life is enriched.

So what did I do differently?  Firstly I made some time to meditate after I woke - despite all that needed to be done to get the three of them out the door.  And secondly I went to a local Personal Training gym and signed up for 6mths and thirdly I started this blog!

Not everything has gone to plan though.  My house is a mess for a start, but more importantly, a HUGE tree of my next door neighbours, blew down and crashed over the fence and into my yard last night and it turns out I should probably have contacted our insurer today - oh well.

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