Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cardio hours: Ouch!

On my program that I signed up to on Tuesday, I was given a weekly goal for Cardio hours.  I have to do about 6 hours a week. Which at first I thought was fine, an hour a day except Sundays off.  Even with the kids in school it is a bit difficult to achieve. I have a lot to catch up on on the home front.
Yesterday I only managed the half hour swimming, so today I was feeling like I really need to get a bit more done.  What I planned to be an hours walk with the dog turned into an hour and a half. And I'm not talking about a leisurely stroll.  I walked 6 kms and arrived home sweaty, thirsty and tired and the dog was not much better.

I have worn my FitBit Ultra all day, which is like a regular pedometer but on steroids and synchs wirelessly with your computer or iPhone. The normal step goal when wearing a pedometer is 10,000. Today so far I have done over 17000. Woo hoo! After my walk the fitbit recorded that I had walked up 42 flight of stairs!  Check it here:

In addition to that I turned on Runtastic, which is an app on your phone that tracks, distance travelled, speed, elevation and shows you a cute map of where you went, which is funny when you can see how my dog dragged me around and about as he followed his nose and I let him do a couple of laps around the off leash dog park.

Tomorrow (Friday) I have a one hour training session with some of the mum's from school and later in the morning I have a one hour session with my new PT at the gym. I fully expect to not be able to walk sometime afterward.

You know what will make me feel better about the coming pain? Some retail therapy! Ouch. But I really did need a mat and a mat strap, so while I was there (see photo).

And no, I still haven't had the fallen tree removed yet or even heard from one or both of the insurance assessors that the neighbour and I have been told to expect a call from.

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