Sunday, 14 July 2013

Off Topic: Why Facebook is not the Devil and other Social Media platforms that I like

I am an avid user of Facebook!  I check it many times a day and post regularly - but hopefully not so regularly as to drive my friends mad.  I have 74 Friends, and I do an annual cull, which I believe is hard but necessary.  My pet hate is lurkers - FB friends who are happy to see what me and mine have been up to but who never post about their own goings on.

My privacy settings are very tight - everything is set to Friends Only and I also have some lists set up - like Family (so as not to bore everyone with photos of my kids) and Close Friends.  I am also a member of serveral Closed Groups, which contain small numbers.  My smallest there are four of us, who are close friends and live near to one another.  The largest is probably my graduating class from high school, and a few inbetween, that get a bit of use when organising events and get togethers etc.

I believe that Facebook is a fabulous source of social interation for me, as being a SAHM of 3 could be quite isolating otherwise and could cause me to lose touch with people I have been close to in the past but no longer move in the same physical circles as.  It is also very practical for keeping in touch with what my husband is up to when he is travelling for business.

But most of all I don't want to get left behind as society and communication change.  I certainly don't want to bury my head in the sand so that when my children are older they know way more than me about Social Media and I can't talk to them about it or help them with it.

When is Facebook bad?  When bad judgement is applied!  When your profile is public or privacy is not tight enough, and when you don't know how to walk away from it or defriend someone (I have even defriended my brother!)

For the record, I also love Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin, and less so Twitter, and have used Flickr a lot in the past, but not lately.

On Pinterest I am here:

This is not me to the right, but it is my ski jacket which my charming husband brought me home from the U.S. last time he was there and I found it on Pinterest and pinned it.  Dont ask my why :-)

And on Instragram I am Simpiet.  On the right is one of my Instagram shots.

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