Sunday, 3 November 2013

Off to the races!

Having continued my regime with my PT, plus some tennis, walking and occasionally a few laps - I am still shrinking and toning.  For the first time since 1996 I have weighed in under 60kg's.  The latest thrill I have had (besides people complimenting me generally ;-)) has been during what is ususally one of the most distressing times to be a couple of sizes too big ... Trying on dresses for special occasions: Yes that old chestnut.  In times past I would take my SPANX with me shopping, and still struggle with zippers and only select styles in black and other fabrics and designs ideal for confusing the eye.

This week however I took myself shopping for an outfit for Melbourne Cup.  My DH received a corporate invite to an 'enclosure' at Flemington where my only job is to look fabulous and charm our hosts and the other invitees (all while cunningly winning a pile of money on the ponys ;-))

I had a designer in mind - Alannah Hill, because not only do I love her feminine olde worlde designs but because I knew that she can be a one stop shop for the Shoes, hat, belt, gloves, tights, etc etc.  And I do like things to look like they were meant to be together.

But I did not make a bee line straight for her, but instead went into Review.  Not as expensive but also quite feminine designs that flatter an hour glass figure.  I tried on dress after dress without the embarrassing struggle with the side zipper.  Without the need for SPANX and with a great deal of ease and joy.  In past years I would have been happy to find one dress that I thought flattering for my figure, but on this ocassion I could have walked out with any of them.  This is not what it is ALL about, but it is close!  I felt guilty walking out of their without buying anything - even though there was one dress which I was completely in love with, but I really wanted to give Alannah a shot before committing.  Plus the dress I loved did not come conveniently with a cardigan or jacket for if the weather is cooler.  Which in Melbourne there is always a good chance that it will be.

Off to Alannah then.  Now normally I would not be on my own with such a mammoth task, but my BFF was taken away suddenly on family business, so as a compromise I was sending photos kindly snapped by my shop assistant to her and to my DH.  BFF was responding with valuable feedback while my DH was egging me on to buy them all (I don't think he was serious and luckily I am too sensible for all that).

Into the feminine pinkness that is the Allanah hill store and up to the first shop assistant who presented her self and the instruction given to Melbourne Cup me up!  Once again the outfits were flowing and I had choices.  CHOICES I say again loudly.  What lady doesn't love the ability to choose between several outfits that fit like they are supposed to!  I have never appreciated my proportions so much as I did that day.  Thinner women than me were bemoaning their shoulder breadth or their lack of bust or their bottom one size bigger than their top.  NOT ME!  Do you really hate me yet?

Honestly!  I bought my "LBD" from this same shop for NYE, in a size 12 and I had to wear my SPANX with it and was not entirely comfortable. So please allow me this moment in the sun without needing to chop the head off this Poppy just yet!  Now I am a size 10!  That is Australian sizes obviously - that is a size 6 USA.

I will never have a 6 pack, in fact the skin over my tummy will never fully recover from 3 children in rapid succession from my mid to late 30's, but I am not talking about buying a bikini, so happy I shall be and for this post especially, I shall shout it from the rooftops.  And to be on the safe side I shall still wear my Simone Perele silouhette loving pants :-) - with my hair down ...

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