Sunday, 29 December 2013

Here comes 2014

I just about have a year of 'My Time' under my belt.  And that's great!  I am a a lot fitter and smaller - although with puting my gym membership and a lot of my regular activities on hold during these long summer school holidays, I may well have some catching up to do.  But I am actually looking forward to it!  I think that what I want to do this year is:

  • be more organised, as when I am organised I am more relaxed
  • do more Yoga, as when I do Yoga I feel more relaxed and my body feels more balanced
  • study - not sure what yet … but due to family commitments it will still have to be quite flexible, so probably online.
  • seek out freelance writing work - because I think I have something to say :-)

I feel like not only did last year represent a major turning point in my life - i.e., my youngest off to school, but with that year behind her my daughter is more independant and my boys are getting easier too!  So I kind of feel like I am over the mothering hump and I might be able to relax and enjoy my role a bit more this year

We have had a magnificent holiday in Thailand earlier this month, and when my review is published I will put a link to it on here, which really illustrated how different life is with our kids now.  I can jump in a car now with no additional supplies!  No nappies, changes of clothes, snacks, concerns about toiletting etc etc.  They are more and more like real independent beings!

Things that worked well last year that I will continue will be
  • my relationship with my gym/personal trainer,
  • tennis lessons, 
  • my awareness of macro nutrients and the right balance between protein, fat and carbs 
  • and my general 'can-do' attitude.

2014 is looking good from here!

What are your plans for 2014?

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  1. Posted on my birthday - and I can chime in with everything you say. These days our family life is so much easier, and I can look at my four kids and feel really glad to have had four... which isn't something I always felt before. And there's time to stretch the mind, I have an urge to study too, to get the brain learning totally new things.