Wednesday, 27 March 2013

0.5kg and 1 week to go!

After plateauing a couple of kilos away from my 9 week goal of 63.8kgs, I finally shifted down to into the 64's.  My most recent weigh in was 64.3!  I am totally chuffed!

Last week I had an event to attend with my husband and I walked into David Lawrence, picked a dress off the rack (there it is on the right - though that is not me - I also looked fabulous in it) zipped it up in one without and 'miracle' pants and much to my relief.  And sadly, that is mostly what this has been about for me!  I just don't want to have to cater for 'flaws' in the dressing department!

I do notice however that my posture is definitely better than before.  I just feel strong! I have to stop myself from banging on about it to my friends - nothing worse than a convert ...

A girlfriend of mine was rubbing sunscreen on my back on the weekend and commented on my muscles.  Back muscles - something I have never thought about having before.

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