Sunday, 10 February 2013

11 Things I've learnt from this diet so far . . .

1. Things that have fat, and whether it is good or bad fat is easier to avoid.  Egg yolk, almonds, avocado,

2. Things that are high in protein without the downside of fat or carbs - lean meat - Only!

3. Avoid salt because it causes bloating

4. Read nutrition panels and look for not only low fat, but for low carbs and high protein

5. Eating out is hard.  You need to really remember to ask for dressing on the side, hold the potatoes etc.

6. Even good friends who understand the diet will still struggle not to tempt you out of your program.

7.  Losing weight too fast is undoubtably not necessarily a good thing, but it is very motivating to see quick results and have others observe it.

8. Drink heaps of water - which is easy to forget if you don't have a bottle by you all the time.

9.  You need to eat fruit - preferably in the morning, if you want your digestive system to continue to function.  Peaches are better than nectarines.

10.  When I have tried to avoid evening carbs previously - usually in support of my husband - I always found that I was hungry shortly after.  Now I know that you just have to eat MORE meat.

11.  Small Protein Bars can be a good replacement for biscuits or chocolate - and goes nicely with a cup of tea.

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