Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday, day of rest ...

I have 2 boys 10 and 7 and  a girl who is 4.  Both of my boys have been taking tennis lessons since they were quite young.  Mr 7, it is fair to say, displays more talent and passion for the sport, while Mr 10 enjoys playing but ...  Anyway, today was their first round robin competition.  Their coach had encouraged me to register Mr 7 in singles and Mr 10 only as a doubles partner with his brother.  Watching them play together was agonising and then something came over me and an alter ego took over my body and I found myself shouting to Mr 10 that I would pay him a dollar for every time his ball went over the net. That's right - you read right. I did that. In hindsight not my best parenting moment.  Mr 7 followed up of course with the question "and me too!" To which I replied that he could have a dollar for every first serve he got in. I did get a bit of attention for such a move.

Anyway, I thought that sharing that with you would make you feel like a better parent :-).  Of course later in the afternoon I was making Play Dough with my kids (see photo), as I had volunteered to do so for my daughters teacher - so I am forgiven aren't I.  Not enough? Then I cooked a nutritious meal from scratch that had heaps of hidden veggies in it.  I lovingly washed my daughters long curly hair and combed it out and then read her a book before bed.  Anyway, I've forgiven myself, and decided that it was funny and that my boys were not scarred.  And if they were they will probably tell me sometime in their teenage years.

I had planned to get a massage for my sore body today, but gave up on that dream after spending my day till 2pm at the tennis. And then I received an invite from a couple of my fabulous girlfriends (Hello girls) to go for a walk. When I say a walk, we actually walked 6kms in an hour, including a very steep hill and even in the rain!

I can also testify that the snickers tag line "You are not YOU when you are hungry!" is indeed true - although that does not mean that I can eat a snickers on this diet.  But I did get to the point where I was determined to make myself a delicious dinner of Lamb in Ginger (see photo), but it took some time and anyone who got in my way was very swiftly dealt with.

I have another hour long PT session tomorrow morning, which I think will include my first weigh-in, which I am naturally apprehensive about, so stay tuned.  Having said that if I can talk him into not doing it till the following day just after lunch, so that it will be exactly 7 days from my initial weight recording I WILL.  But it's just a number right?

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