Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Willpower is key

Before I started this this fitness kick, I was well  aware that self-control was the issue.  Afterall the problem is 70% food and only 30% exercise. I was angry that even though I knew this it did not make it any easier to exercise any - self control that is.

I read a great book called "We have met the enemy - self control in an Age of Excess" by Daniel Akst.  I enjoyed reading it, it was enlightening and yet I finished it and felt stronger for a little while, before I fell back into old ways.

On signing up to my program, I was angry that I had not been able to kick these few kilograms myself.  Now, I am supposed to have support around me, family friends, trainers.  Pressure that has been brought to bear by me telling everyone that I have set my goal.  But at the end of the day you only have yourself don't you?

That is what I have felt today.  I really had to use my will power to go swim laps.  It would be easier if the lanes were open right after school drop off, but they are not.  I had plenty of things I could have done instead of going but I didn't.  It meant I missed lunch and went from laps to helping my daughter's class cook pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.  My pancake partner was a qualified chef and he made some beautiful batter with the kids using Butter Milk and everything.  I helped the kids pour them into the pan.  I helped them flip them.  I put the their lemon and sugar or maple syrup on them and served them to the kids.  All without taking a bite - and there were plenty left over too.  That's self control.

Now I find that although I have reached all of my Macro Nutrient Targets for the day, I have stayed up too late and I am hungry and it is going to take a lot more self control not to eat anything else before bed.  A big drink of sparkling water and some vitamins [sigh]

Tomorrow is another day, a weigh in day in fact.  The day I see my PT for an hour, the day I see if my first weeks great result can be followed up by another successful week.  I think so.

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