Monday, 11 February 2013

Why does no one on tv diet or do they?

I love Big Bang Theory, but I have never seen Penny diet, although she does apparently jog.  Actually, she eats a lot of takeaway and her efforts to cook at home are not nutrient rich.

I love Game of Thrones, but Cersei, and Mother of Dragons don't seem to watch what they eat. Raw horses heart, though I imagine is high in protein.

I love Boardwalk Empire but Margaret nor Billie, are ever spotted dieting. Actually eating doesn't feature hardly at all in the show.  Although drinking certainly does.

Actually I have just thought of an exception was in Mad Men when Betty is dieting - actually that was quite unpleasant to watch.

On the man front, Owen (the guy in the middle) in Men of a Certain Age, is concerned about his weight - especially when his child videos him bingeing at night.

Anyway, week 2 of the diet is just about over and it is satisfying to be losing weight and feeling fitter, but I can see that this could be a bit dull after a bit.  I hope I figure out a way to stay motivated.  I think it is harder when my husband is away as he was last weekend and for a good chunk of this week.

My PT Paul, is also a bit tricky to nail down to appointments and so by the time I see him this week it will have been 6 days, which I don't think is optimum.  I am supposed to fit in two sessions a week , so this week my 1st is on Wednesday and the 2nd is on Saturday.  Not ideal given that I have my Friday work out as well with Therese, and that my plan was to do a boxing class at the gym on Saturday.  I must remember to bring this up.  I wish we could lock in some regular sessions during the week :-(

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