Tuesday, 5 February 2013

But I stayed strong

Yesterday's post was somewhat prophetic on the sleep front.  I went to bed very tired and then I woke a few minutes before my husband's alarm went off at 4.45am (he was going to his swimming squad), so I listened to him get up, get dressed, make himself a coffee and head out the door.  Then I couldn't get back to sleep, with the day ahead's details running through my head. I was still awake at 6.15 when my little girl had to have her blanket put back on. But shortly after I must have falling back to sleep, only to have to get up and get the children ready for school at 7.  So wrecked, and impatiently getting my disorganised children ready for school, I turned into late 'shouty mum'.  And the magic lasted all day long :-(

I can however feel good about making it to the swim centre and doing 40 laps in the same time it took me to do 30 last week.  It was not quite the meditative experience as last week, as I was sharing the pool with some school groups.  They left just the one lane for us and the kids had the other 3.

Anyway the 'staying strong' relates to the thought that I had at around 5.30pm that a glass of wine may have helped my mood.  I was not actually tempted but just thought about it for the first time since starting this kick.  Anyway, as I cooked my super delicious dinner (see photo) and even more so when I finished eating it, the thought passed.

Tomorrow is another day, and with a bit of luck I will get a better nights sleep and tomorrow the children will all be angels.  Angels who will be able to find their school shoes and remember to go to T-Ball Try-Outs after school!

I'm thinking a long walk/run with my dog will be in order.  I need to take a photo at school and supervise a chess class, but besides that the day is mine between 9 and 2.30 at least :-)

Oh, and the neighbours insurance assessor came today and he is going to have the tree taken care of - yeah!  Then will come the drama of the fence replacment ... you can't wait to hear about it!

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