Thursday, 7 February 2013

My Thursday Running Sheet

6.30am Wake up, feeling tired and in denial about needing to get up, should meditate but ...
7.00am Finally get up and join the throng of children in my kitchen
8.00am Kids in the car and off to school and catch up with some mums at the gate
8.40am Pick up a coffee with my friend and fellow Philosophy student Alex
9.10am Arrive at my Philosophy class (my island).  We discussed 'Devotion' - nice, included a story from the Upanishads about a man with two wives - one who thinks that wealth is 'stuff' and one who know it is so much more. Obviously in more poetic and meaningful terms.
11.30am Head home to get changed for the gym and check on my tree lopper - yes the tree from post no. 1 nearly 2 weeks ago.  The tree-lopper managed to freak me out before I left by casually asking "How much is your dog worth? $900?"

12.30pm Arrive at the gym for my 30 min Weights and 30min Cardio session (wondering the whole time if my dog will still be there when I get home).  The weights are getting heavier and the Cardio is getting more agonising.
2.00pm Arrive home, tree lopper gone, but dog still there (phewww).  Collect all the swimming gear for lessons for all three children. Do a bit housework.
3.00pm Collect the kids from school and dash to the swimming centre (without my purse).
3.30pm Both boys in the pool and the other one off playing or nagging me for snacks.
4.00pm Daughter in the pool, boys dried dressed and sitting with me at a table to do their homework
4.45pm Daughter out of the pool dried and dressed, everything packed up and stowed in the car.
5.00pm Home and checking the mail and then assisting my elderly neighbour across the road with her pool maintenance.

6.00pm Cook dinner for the kids, then for me - eat it, clean up the kitchen, put a load of washing on.  Good news - I have figured out how to meet my Macro Nutrient goals every day.
7.00pm Husband home with his new car.  Jump in and take it around the block. Talk about OTT.
7.30pm Kids in bed - courtesy of the husband, who will depart in the morning for a weekend with his friends (leaving me with the new car :-0)

8.00pm Plant my butt on the lounge to watch some mindless television in between bouts of laundry action.  Get a FitBit notification that I have reached my 10,000 step goal
9.00pm Pick up my iPad to write my Blog

There you have it - a semi typical day in my life.   I need to remember to wake Mstr 7 at 6.30am so he can go to his first Senior Chess Class (so proud) and then go over Mstr 10's spelling list with him.  Not looking forward to a weekend without my DH.  Still don't know how I am supposed to get all three kids to their Saturday morning activities, without him!

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