Thursday, 14 February 2013

Philosophy day

The highlight of today was the chance to meet with my fellow students of philosophy at the beautiful home of our tutor.  The discussion of devotion continued.  We discussed our own devoted behaviour, and the devotion that we see in others.  There are three ways of devotion the calm (satwa), the more active (Rajas) and the destructive type (tamas). Those unusual words are Sanskrit and are the 3 Guna.  It makes you think - which is the whole idea.  The devotion that I bring to the care of my children is sometimes that calm type and often the rajasic type - so work to be done. The takeaway is to watch out for devotion, your own and others and to take time for self - by meditating or finding stillness.

After a relaxing post philosophy lunch with my BFF I headed home for a run/walk with my dog.  My strategy was to run down hills and march energetically up hills.  I recorded my fastest km yet using my Nike Running App (example below) which maps your run in a colour coded way that shows when you were running and when you were walking - which is very satisfying.  I fit in a 3km trek in my local environs before my dog started to lose his enthusiasm - helped by the fact that I stepped on his gigantic paw when he ran in front of me in a curve.  But don't be too concerned - he seemed to make a rapid recovery the minute he got into the backyard and layer down in the cool of shade covered sandpit.

I have got over 10,000 steps today (7kms), but if my DH was home instead of being in NZ on business I would have been able to fit in more. My afternoon was hijacked by 3x swimming lesson for the kids.  With the Primary Swim Carnival next week the excitement/anxiety if high.

On the food front, I made a boo boo today.  I was running late and ran out of time to make myself breakfast, but didn't want to get caught out till 12 without having had breakfast ask did the other day. My 'healthy choice' bread had passed its used by date, so I found myself reaching for the kids 'Traditional Wholemeal', throwing a scrape of homous on it and a slice of super low fat cheese.  I only realised when I put it into my App later what a mistake that was.  Having blown the carbs early in the day it threw out my balanced food choices for the rest of the day.   Hear I am at the end of the day with 97% of my carbs but only 70% of my Protein and 60% of my fat.  I could have another hunk of meat, but I am not really hungry.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Cottage cheese is the answer!! It is for me anyway, I do love it with some squeezy herbs or chilli mixed through.

    Not that I'm sticking well to the good plan just at the moment but... any day now!

  2. I have bought an eperimental tub of cottage cheese, and it sits forlornly in my fridge waiting for me to take the plunge. I am lactose intolerant and so usually stick to Soy wannabe products, but on this diet it is a bit restrictive. I have given the Chobani Yoghurt a try but 'ahemmed' my way through the afternoon following.