Monday, 4 February 2013

And I'm off and racing!

I had my PT session this morning with Paul (who has decided against an alias).  Despite my lamb dinner, my struggle to not exceed my daily fat goal (41 grams), a litre of water, some apple and a coffee, right before weigh-in, I lost nearly 2kgs. That is one third of my 9 week goal.  I am not expecting to lose that much every week, but I think I can do at least a kilogram a week. I hope I am not being over confident.  Besides being weighed I completed my weights and cardio session - woo hoo.  I go back again on Thursday. My husband says he thinks my bum looks smaller aleady - I think it is just the Lululemon working :-)

I am feeling better!  In discussion with my girl friends, we agreed that it was primarily because I was focusing on me! I certainly have not been focusing on the housework :-(

Today I have had no trouble meeting my macro nutrient goals (carbs, protein, fat) and tomorrow I am planning to swim. I am meeting my neighbours insurance assessor for them at 11.  Mine haven't even contacted me to make an appointment - referring to the large tree lying in my yard instead of standing in my neighbours, from post 1.

I think I need to focus on my sleep quality too.  I am definitely going to bed too late each night, and with 3 kids, 2 of whom still wake me up with nightmares sometimes and a dog who lets me know if he does not have a sufficiently cosy kennel, I often get woken at night.  See photo of dogs new bed bought today.  Add that to needing to get up to pee because I drink so much water all day long and I am wrecked.  I am waiting for my new FitBit One to arrive in the mail and when it does I will monitor sleep as well as steps (so far today over 13,000). They say that the hours slept before midnight are the ones that really count - and I don't get many of them ...

I wore a Nike T-Shirt today that read: 24/7 EVERY DAMN DAY!  My husband bought if for me on a trip to the States, and at bed-time my daughter was practicing her new found familiarity with letters and numbers by telling me what each character was, and then I had to explain how Damn is a bad word, but not a bad bad word, but not one that children should use.  Oooops (but I love that T-Shirt).

Sorry, totally rambling tonight - must be the lack of sleep ...

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