Thursday, 28 February 2013

Just numbers but ... measuring up

I have been trying not to get too caught up on the numbers on the scale, figuring that as long as I know I am not cheating on my diet and I am being as active as I can manage given constraints that I will be heading in the right direction.  But today, when Paul went to weigh me, I told him I would be keener on him checking my 3 measurements.  My original measurements were Bust: 99, Waist 99 (that's right - problem area) and Hips 107.  I had a 9 week goal to reduce my waist by 10cms on my way to achieving a waist measurement of less than 80 as recommended for women for general good health.  Checkout the Australian Government campaign

The good news was that in 4 weeks I have reduced my waist measurement by 13cms and my hips by 5cms and my bust by 2cms - which he reasurres me is not my actual boobs but my 'wings' - said while indicating an area on my back - niiiice - NOT.

Of course I had noticed the improvement around my middle, so it was just confirmation.  Interestingly, when I check my measurement against womens size guides like the ones used by Allanah Hill and the fact that I usually wear a size 12, it is a mystery how anything fits me!  Before or now.  But for example, I bought a dress of hers for NYE in size 12.

She says size 12 is 95/76/104 which would make me before this program a size 14 bust, size 16+ waist and size 14 hip.  My dress, with some assistance of some fancy knickers (see left) fit quite nicely I thought.  With my 'now' measurements the only change is that I am a size 10 in the hips ...

But I will admit that I find this new evidence to be very motivating and I am looking forward to dropping the remaining 6cms off my waist by the end of the 9 weeks period.  I am told it can be done by focussing more on my core and on high intensity cardio, which I think is going to have to be carefully balanced to nurture my dodgey feet/knees/back.

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