Friday, 8 February 2013

Frantic Friday

Yesterday was nuts - but what's new?

After drop off I had my 'Fitness Friday' session with Therese and 6 other Mum's from school and that Therese knows how to drive a person HARD.  Once we were good and warmed up (read:  pretty exhausted) We did a 20m Beep Test (Multi-stage Fitness Test) which is used to estimate a person's VO2max (maximum oxygen uptake).  All I know is that it is a killer.  If you want to know more - check with PT Google.  Thankfully we were really just getting a baseline and at the end of the school term we will do another one and I will have improved out of sight! That is the plan anyway.  We finished the 1 hour session by doing Boxing Tabata - which I didn't find as hard as doing it on the Elliptical Trainer with Paul, but my left shoulder really knows about it.

I left the girls to head home and have 'meal' no. 2 of the day, on the way realising that I had arranged to play Par 3 Golf, with 5 of my other girlfriends - who I will refer to as the 'Camping Crew' girls (on account of us having plans to go camping with our families in March together)  Well, they will be camping and my family will be Glamping, which is close enough.

So off to Golf with just the 3 required clubs (putter, 9 iron and 5 iron), which I now know, could have been a putter, a Pitching Wedge and a 8 iron).  I lost two balls and only really revelled in one of my shots - although my putting wasn't too bad, given how rusty I am.  Fun was had by all, and when it got too hot we made a short cut across the course and headed to Lunch.

Lunch was one of those challenging diet experiences where what should have been a healthy salad arrived with too much dressing, too many olives and feta and not enough lean chicken - so consequently I didn't eat much of it and made my excuses and dashed to by daughter's swimming lesson where I have volunteered to help the the girls dressed afterwards.  Man did I smell 'NOT FRESH'.  While I had changed in between work out and golf - I did not have time to shower ...

The highlight of my Frantic Friday, was definitely heading out with yet a different GF (makes me sound popular doesn't it?  But that's just weird ...) to see Lincoln at the movies.  We had a lovely seared Yellow Fin Tuna dinner before hand - see photo - I did not eat the Salsa Verde and I had told them to hold the Chat Potatoes.  I arranged this a while ago when I realised that my Husband was going to be away and I hate sitting at home alone while he is out having fun.  Great film, fabulous Daniel Day-Lewis (will definitely get the Oscar over our Hugh :-() , wonderful script, great cast, fascinating time in history, AND really really long!  (photo of Theatre below) In bed at midnight - a super late night for me - hence doing my Friday blog post on a Saturday - sorry.

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