Saturday, 2 February 2013

Goal Post

I guess I should include my fitness goals on this blog at last. I have set a 9 week goal with my Personal Trainer to lose 6 kgs. I want to specifically bring my waist measurement down to below 80 cms I actually think I can probably do more and really I would like to lose another couple of kgs - basically trying to get back to my pre baby no.1 position.

Having had 3 kids in my mid to late 30's, some things just never went back into shape. In fact for those who are familiar with pregnancy, I had 5.5 fingers of muscle separation after my 3rd baby and I have managed to bring that back to 2, but it is still enough to bother me and affect my core strength, and with poor core strength, my back has really suffered.

I am a naturally active person.  I love running about with my kids and I am not afraid of incidental exercise.  I like to walk instead of drive.  I like to play tennis with my boys and I like to garden and walk my dog. With my kids currently aged between 10 and 4 I can not afford to slow down, and of course I want to set a good example for them.  Oh, and my husband is on a health kick too - so it is good timing.  He has seen great results over the last few months on the same program, but not as fabulous as my Best Friend.

She is my real inspiration.  I joke with her, by saying that I can't be her friend anymore if I don't follow her lead.  She is my favourite buddy for shopping, and we take a trip each year to Melbourne in June, and I want to be reaching for the same size as her!  Is that wrong?  It can't be, because after 4 days on the program I am feeling fantastic (although a bit sore and hungry).

This program is teaching me about food, and I wouldn't have said that I was deficient in that area. I must remember to tell my PT that because I saw him smirk at our first meeting when I told him that I had a pretty good handle on nutrition.  Check out what I had for lunch today! Actually the Avocado was a bit much after a Bacon and Mushroom Omelette for breakfast, but you get the idea!

Today I went for a run with my dog OMG.  It has been years since I considered actually jogging as an activity I would engage in for fitness sake. I was a runner as a teenager and I used to be able to do 5kms in 18mins. Anyway,  I just hope my body (and my dog - action shot below) can keep up with my enthusiasm .

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